Mission Escape - Farm Game

Mission Escape - Farm

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Most people thought spies only take on missions in the city. Well they're quite wrong. You, a super spy, is given a mission in the farm. Yes, the farm where there are only mostly animals and less people. The farm where if there are people, they're focusing on their crops and animals. And not focus themselves on other people's business. Sometimes, you just can't see why your superiors are giving you these assignments. You honestly think it's too sissy and is not good for your image. But you are here now in the farm, in your simplest clothing. You really hope this won't bring you any trouble. Your enemies may not even know you're here but you can't be careless. So you try to blend in with the rest of the farmers. However, you simply don't know any farm work and you end up looking silly.

You sigh as you sit for a while. When in truth, you're starting to survey the place. You know your target is somewhere close. But you have to be discreet about looking for it. Will you be able to make your way towards your goal in this farm? Or will the animals and people blow your cover? Play Mission Escape - Farm outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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