Misdirect Place Escape Game

Misdirect Place Escape

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Guess Warren was misled, for when he got to the location which his friend told him to go in a specific area, he found himself in some neglected factory and the place is definitely unused for a long time. Warren immediately had this sense of doom then but he thought maybe he'll scan the place a bit more just to see what he'll find there. But that decision however will bring him some trouble for he didn't expect to get lost and trapped in the said factory there!

Warren did not realize he was pushing further and further into the rusty place until he could no longer continue to navigate. He really thought there is a ray of hope that his friend is not mistaken about the place or even playing with him, but it seems so now that he cannot find anything other than broken-down machinery and more dilapidated rooms. He needs to escape from there right-now if he wants his safety not compromised. Escape players, come and help Warren here escape from the factory and quickly. Navigate the place using your skills and logic and be very careful as well, for you don't know how long the place runs and you could be pushing Warren deeper within it.

Misdirect Place Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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