Minnie Mouse Rescue

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The cage in your house just caught something and it was not even a typical-looking rodent! You set traps in your forest house for there are rodents everywhere, this time you’ll catch them all and then patch the holes created by them around your house. But as you got home though you checked your trap, and that’s when you found the rat or a mouse there which was golden in color!

You really have no idea what you just caught and you took a look at it closely. In your analysis, it could be a mutant rodent and that’s why its color is different? Okay, guess you’ll release this one, for in your mind such a creature might be something rare and it’s a shame that this one is going to be disposed of. Sadly you have no place and time to take care of such a creature, maybe you have but you are unprepared. Guess releasing it is the logical thing to do now, but if you ever see it again inside your trap then you’ll definitely take care of it. Escape players, you are in this situation and for now releasing the rodent is your decision, but the problem was this cage is hard to open so will you be able to find something in your house which can open it easily?

Minnie Mouse Rescue is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Live.

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Walkthrough video for Minnie Mouse Rescue

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