Minimalistic House Escape 8 Game

Minimalistic House Escape 8

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There's a festival in your university and there are a lot of booths and games. You belong to the engineering department presenting a unique experience to your visitors. Your team built a small house on campus, filling it with all sorts of hi-tech puzzles. Currently, it's the most popular with festival visitors. In addition to the puzzles, there are also animatronics for kids. This impressive house also has a mechanical maid that assists and gives out instructions. For today, your team is giving away a bike enhanced with the latest technology that's why this time, many are keen on trying the challenge. Whoever answers all the puzzles, gathers the most points and escape the locked house wins the bike. This excites you most of all because people are having fun in the mechanical house, too.

Minimalistic House Escape 8 is the newest part of the minimalistic escape game series. Good luck and have fun!


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