Minimalistic House Escape 7 Game

Minimalistic House Escape 7

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You are looking into a new house where you and your son can finally settle after months of moving. At first it may seem that you don't have have a lot of options. However, once you start exploring carefully you realize how wrong you are. The house is a two-bedroom and cottage-like. In addition to those features, the structure is almost brand new because the wealthy tenants who occupied it before had it renovated before they relocated. Moreover, there's a school nearby where your son can go to and a supermarket just a few blocks away. A few weeks later, you and your son moved in and you discovered a lot of secrets in the house.

Minimalistic House Escape 7 is the latest part of the point and click escape game in which there is a new small house, ready for you to explore it. Just start exploring and collect all those useful objects, which will help you to solve the puzzles. If you solve them all, you will get the key which opens the exit door. Good luck and have fun!


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