Minimalistic House Escape 6 Game

Minimalistic House Escape 6

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You are a farmer living in a small thatch-roof house with very little furniture. You're a seventh generation farmer who inherited skills from your ancestors resulting in good harvests all year round. Whenever the townsfolk pass by your house, they say their greetings and wonder why you don't want a larger house. Always, in the same humble manner, you'd reply, "A larger house is but an empty crab shell to a snail." Indeed, what is a big house to an old farmer who lives alone?

You would rather build a spacious cellar that houses delicious wines, which you eventually did. Soon, you're also receiving tons of orders for wines. Finally, you start hiring young men from town to mentor and assist you. But not all  of the young men are honest. One night, they overpowered and imprisoned you in the cellar, hoping to steal your  gold. He must escape from the cellar before everything you worked hard for vanishes!

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