An old oven was spotted in Mini Portal.

Mini Portal

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Tessa finally got what she wanted. She filed for a leave yesterday to get some rest from a very demanding job. It wasn’t that she was getting fed up with her job. The need to constantly do well can weigh so much on anyone. Tessa decided on a ‘staycation’ to try and get some things done at home. Not only does she needed a rest. She wanted to practice her newly discovered magical powers even more.

The old book that her Nana left to her is glowing when she pulled it out of its parcel.  It was ripe with magic and calling out to her. Tessa opened it and the pages revealed spells and incantations. She remembered the castle that she and her Nana had to escape from. Tessa wanted to com back because she had left something important there. She cast a spell that opened the familiar portal to that place where her prince was waiting for her.

Mini Portal is a short, but awesome new escape game developed by Ainars and sponsored by Escape Fan. If you are ready to jump into this great escaping adventure, don’t wait!

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Walkthrough video for Mini Portal

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