Mini House Escape Game

Mini House Escape

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The children were aghast to find a small house in the middle of the forest. Cousins Akemi and Dyna are walking on a different path to school because they want something different for today. Finally, they saw the house where an old woman is beckoning for them to come forward. It's a small cabin home with a picket fence and flowering bushes. In contrast, the old woman is wearing a much fancier garb. Nevertheless, the cousins did not see anything odd about it and stepped inside the home. With a flick of her wand, the old woman magically sets a small table with a tea set and a basket of the most sumptuous-looking cakes and sweets. The old woman is a witch who needs to two little helpers to wipe away the curse on her home.

Mini House Escape is a great small room escape game thanks to Ainars. Find clues to solve the puzzles in the house and escape finally. Good luck!

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