Mini House Escape (Top 10 New Games) Game

Mini House Escape (Top 10 New Games)

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You lived your life being a thief. You were able to travel to your dream destinations by being a thief. But you choose your victim. You only take from those that have too much. And you pretty well know your clients. You'd do a lot of extensive research on them and wait for the day when they had a lot of cash. Then you'll stealthily take away the cash and enjoy on your own. Or if compassion visits you, you would go to some orphanages and give away some. You totally felt how it was like since you grew up there. They were not your priority.  But it made you feel a lot better to lessen your not so good actions with charity. However, your glory days were cut short after a very thorough police counted your every move. He was able to catch you and send you behind bars.

You were totally not happy with it. But you were thinking it might be how it should be. So you spent a lot of days in the cell a bit lonely when your friend was brought it. It brightened up your mood. And you both planned for your escape. Play Mini House Escape (Top 10 New Games) room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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