The living room is richly decorated in Mini House Escape 3 game.

Mini House Escape 3

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Rosie and Hunter are best friends who walk to school everyday. The route is short and the quickest way is straightforward. Rosie one day suggests to take on a different route for a change. Hunter agreed and they went to a small patch of woods situated between the school and their homes. They had not taken ten steps when a cottage came into full view. The children got curious and came near for a closer look. A little old woman is sitting on a rocking chair by the porch. She saw the children and smiled, beckoning for them to come inside. The old woman offered some milk and biscuits.

The two friends are only happy to oblige. The woman, taking the wand out of her pocket, flicks it joyously. Fairies appeared and began dancing. To the delight of Rosie and Hunter, the fairies started offering them some strange looking sweets afterwards. The old woman immediately flicked her wand and the fairies disappeared. She told them never to take anything from the fairies or they won’t be going home. She noticed cookies are running out and frantically left the wand on the table. Rosie greedily reaches out for the wand but Hunter tried to stop her. Soon, they were trapped in a magical room.

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