Mine Treasure Escape Game

Mine Treasure Escape

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Deep in the jungle, there is a tunnel which looks ancient and it is said that deep inside it are treasures which can set a person for life many fold! But it is a place not constantly visited by treasure hunters though for the place is forbidden to go and a lot of lives have already been lost just to find the tunnel and retrieve the treasure. Mike however was not having any of this for his mindset was, if it's going to stay in there then who is going to go and get it? He decided it to be him and after days of traveling, he finally reached the tunnel and that really got him uneasy when he saw it.

Mike was ready to enter the tunnel and uncover its secrets, but he is kind of thinking twice now for what if the curses are true? Well, he started to remember about what he said after then, if he can't do that then who will? Escape players, will you join Mike here as he ventures into the ancient tunnel and hopefully with the treasure as well as escape from there alive?

Mine Treasure Escape is the newest point and click ancient place escape game created by Mirchigames.

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