Military Camp Shelter Escape

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Dexter treated himself for the day for he was feeling extra adventurous that day. So for that he finally decided to enter this abandoned military camp near his home which he had been planning to venture into someday, and that day is now today! Dexter went from room to room in the place and he found no weapons there. Well that’s a disappointment, he pondered to himself. And so he decided to keep moving for he might find something that will interest him in the deeper parts of the place. Well he will indeed find something there but unfortunately that will not be too good.

Dexter found found-out that he is lost in the maze-like halls of the camp! Well that’s definitely not good, he should have brought some friends here so he’ll have help. But that’s too late now and he needs to solve this on his own before this gets worst, not that it isn’t already. Escape players, Dexter needs help here for he couldn’t solve this easily and it isn’t getting any fun for him. Will you be able to help him guide through this before things here gets a little dicey? Use your skills and logic here for this was once a military camp, those will absolutely be needed for you might push him deeper into the camp.

Military Camp Shelter Escape is the newest point and click complex escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Military Camp Shelter Escape

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