Militant Dragon Escape

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The kingdom here have really grew through the years, for people have joined in collaboration to elevate the place and the main actor for that was their king. The king’s job was now to ensure the interests of his people, and that’s why he asked different villages from the area to join him so to increase the place’s claims, that resulted of course to the increase of goods to consumers and even knights including warriors. The place have really become big and safe, for that people would have to thank the knights there who protects the place.

The villagers are absolutely thankful of their government, but as always not everyone, that’s why when Billy who was a villager there found something one day as he was doing his chores, he immediately thought the enemies of the kingdom are once again on the move. Billy found one of the knights which was a dragon and he is currently trapped inside a cage! Billy then asked him what happened, and he said he was knocked-out and now he is in this cage. Looks like somebody is making a move here again against the place, well he wouldn’t wonder about that for he knows this kingdom is rich and is filled with treasures, that alone is enough to blind the enemies into invading this place. Well he must give his warnings though by helping out this knight for he should report this right now! Escape players, want to help Billy here free this dragon knight from the cage where he is trapped so he can do something about this then?

Militant Dragon Escape is another new point and click rescue escape game made by Palani Games.

Walkthrough video for Militant Dragon Escape


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