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Mighty Task 01

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Timo's master have given him a very daring task for upon his passing, he must finish the very last mission which he was suppose to do but his condition from then was getting worst and he doesn't know if he is able to do it, well sadly he passed and the last task was passed to Timo and unfortunately it wasn't an easy one too. The task was about the scary dark castle and what is hidden inside it, at first Timo doesn't want to go for it's a dark and stormy night that evening which adds to the place's scariness, but it must be done the soonest so he was off.

Timo is now inside the said castle and from there the darkness as well as the ghostly shadows starts to set in. Timo must venture into the castle and find what he was told to get and then escape quickly, the place doesn't want also for that thing to be taken easily so, you must be careful. Escape players, care to join Timo here on this task which he needs to finish?

Come and begin on this 1st task on this series for fun! Mighty Task 01 is the newest point and click scary escape game created by 5n Games.

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