Midnight Spooks Game

Midnight Spooks
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You're working inside a spooky place where only spooky things are allowed. Even the employees should have a bit of spookiness in them to fit the place. Your boss is not an exception. You all call him Mr. Spooky and he's very fine with it since he has the reputation to match it. All of the employees can access and work on the parts of the shop except for the basement. As most stories go, it's in the basement where creepy creatures reside. But since you're not a fan of many horror stories, you find it hard to believe. However, one of your co-workers know something about it. So you extracted some information from him. And he freely gives you the information. Then again, you don't feel like its enough to satisfy your curiosity. So you invite your friend to check out the basement with you.

Your co-worker tries to stop you but nothing can stop your curiosity. So you slowly make your way to the basement. However, your boss makes sure to make the path leading there so tricky so you'll change your mind. But your mind sure is very far from changing. Play Midnight Spooks room escape game by Carmel Games.


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