Middle Shanghai House Escape Game

Middle Shanghai House Escape

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Mina rented a luxurious hotel room in the most luxurious one in the middle of Shanghai, she is currently on vacation and one by one her aim was to complete every destinations around the world, this time she is on Shanghai putting a check on her bucket-list. The room that she got was good and everything there was as exactly as she had payed for, it is even more like a house and in the middle of Shanghai, that makes this visit in the place a perfect one. Well, perfect until something happened in there though when she was about to leave and do a sight-seeing activity around the city.

Mina realized that she is now trapped in the house for of course she couldn't get herself out! The door seems jammed and even though she had tried to unlock it several times, it just wouldn't open. This is a situation that requires help from the reception, but she couldn't have that for the phones in the place seems to be down. Escape players, looks like Mina's only aid will be coming from you, will you be able to provide that so she can escape safely and maybe, find some answers afterwards?

Middle Shanghai House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from WoW Escape.

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