Metro Threat Escape Game

Metro Threat Escape

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Metro Threat Escape is another new point and click daring escape game made by Games 2 Rule for more daring escapes and for this one, a dangerous adventure. Good luck!

The metro train is one of the busiest in the city and at its current situation, a shut-down can be devastating on traffic and all sorts of stuff concerning the city. Caleb also takes this train for he can't afford a vehicle yet, he trains in the department as one of the bomb-squad team and at the moment, he is not experienced enough to be on the field. One day, Caleb had an early out and he has to take the metro to get home, it wasn't rush-hour but even then there are still a lot of people at any given time riding the rails, that day however he did not realize he was going to be tested by something so dangerous, it could level the place up!

In the train's intercom, there was this man's voice and it wasn't a normal announcement, it was a bomb threat! After hearing the threat, people started to scramble out of the wagon and all just left the subway. Caleb wanted to leave as well but he ain't going to let this get away though, so he decided to find this bomb and try to defuse it himself! It's definitely not going to be easy and it's absolutely dangerous, but he was already there and he knows a little-bit about bombs, well the question is will he be able to make the defuse soon? Escape players, that terrorist must be put to jail when this thing is over or worst, but for now join Caleb and try to defuse a bomb hidden in the train. Use the best of your skills as well as your logic here and of course, carefully.

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