Metro Station Escape

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Beneath central park is a subway rail station and Terry is on guard-duty there, his daily routine is to watch signs of anything happening there including rail troubles, problems with commuters, and just overall order in the place. So far so good everything seems to be okay, but at one point a woman approached him and she needs help!

The woman’s problem is her baggage and she could no longer find it! Terry was a bit confused why she missed it for people are really holding their belongings tight due to reasons that it might get stolen. Maybe that’s what happened to the woman’s baggage? Quite likely, but somebody needs Terry’s help here and he needs to respond to that. Terry must find this baggage and it’s color is in the major shade of red, it could be anywhere but Terry will do everything that he can in-order to solve the woman’s problem here, she is clearly a tourist and do not understand how this place works, it could have been stolen or just misplaced somewhere. Escape players, care to help Terry here as she responds to a call for help? Do not abandon this woman now and that baggage as well.

Metro Station Escape is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Metro Station Escape


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