Mesa Verde National Park Game

Mesa Verde National Park

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The Mesa Verde National Park is a really interesting part of the United States to visit. It can be found in the region, called the "Four Corners" and the name itself is a Spanish word with the meaning of "green table". The land was habited by three Indian tribes. The park is best known for its massive cliff dwellings. There are 600 of these. Their construction was started by the end of the 12th century. No matter how hot the weather is today, you still decided to check out the park since you were in the vicinity. After half an hour, you started to feel dizzy and thirsty. You have to get out and find something to drink and hide in a shadow. Hurry!

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  1. Date: August 8, 2015
    Author: dewed
    5 stars but sound would have helped. Wasn't sure if i was clicking for no reason or not. [Reply]

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