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Merry Christmas

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Your house is all light up for the season for you to have a Merry Christmas. You spend an entire week hanging decorations and making them all look perfect. You're very excited to have your friends come over and see your masterpiece. However, one of your naughty elf friends is coming for a visit. Your house is one of the regular stops of Santa during his trip around the world. And the elves are your close friends. They're all really nice. But you still need to look out for the naughty ones. They usually like to play around and pull some pranks on you. Yet despite all these, you still want to have them around every year. This year, they pass by your house while you're asleep. They make sure to leave a clue so you won't have to wait for them anymore.

This year, the naughty elves take charge in leaving the clue. And the clue they have for you are the missing Christmas decorations. At first you're thinking everything's normal. But when you look closer, you see that some of the decorations are missing. Your friends are coming over soon. So you need to complete the decors at once. Play Merry Christmas room escape game by NSR Games.

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