Mermaid Rescue

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The underwater castle here isn’t some submerged man-made structure, but actually the mer-people built it for their king a long time ago. Now the place still stands and is still luxurious, the king have moved to a deeper place however and built his new kingdom there for safety from humans. Nowadays there are still mer-people living there and they are being led by the princess who is the daughter of the king. The mer-people in that place are living prosperously and that’s because the princess is very good with governing, that’s why her people treasures and respects her very much.

As a castle guard there escape players, you are on your duty at the gate, but when you heard the princess call for help though through waves she emitted, you immediately went to her rescue! You were permitted to enter this secret room where the waves are coming from and when you saw her, she is actually trapped in some cage there! You immediately acted and tried to free her, but you have no idea how this cage works so you can only experiment here. Escape players, you are now on the task to rescue the princess of the mer-people, will you be able to find a way with this and quickly?

Mermaid Rescue is the newest point and click underwater rescue escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Mermaid Rescue

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