Mermaid Escape (8b Games) Game

Mermaid Escape (8b Games)

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From your very first look at the forest, you can sense that it's magical. You're a fan of visual graphic novels. And the way they picture their forest is just like the one in front of you. You can already feel the thrill of what's to see inside. However, you haven't prepared yourself to see a mermaid. You're thinking that mermaids should be in the water. So seeing one on land is just plain amusing. The world is so advanced today. Robots can look exactly like a real human being. You approach the mermaid with this in mind. But surprisingly, she's speaking to you and you can understand her. Looking at her closely, she resembles one of the mermaid painting in a museum. She seems to read your mind as she confirms your thoughts. You want to know why she's here.

But she only cries in her softest sobs. You try to comfort her but the only thing she really wants is freedom. She can't say anything why she's here unless she's free. Although she's a great discovery, you want nothing more than to stop her crying and somehow see her smile. Play Mermaid Escape (8b Games) outdoor escape game by 8b Games.

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