Memory Escape Game

Memory Escape

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For this escape challenge, this will test everyone's skills and logic plus their memory just to see if everyone is still alive for such an obstacle, so for this one here it is to escape from a room which looks normal but actually, it hides clues and other things that can help anyone to escape from there but also to make it difficult for them. As a person who will try the place, Pearson found it difficult but for you escape players would you agree with it that you will also find it difficult? Come and place yourself on the shoes of Pearson here then and test your escape skills, be ready for everything that will be thrown to you for the place will not allow anybody to escape and ruin its name, well Pearson is determined to break that.

Escape players, there are various doors there in the house which will test your memory, behind those doors are rooms that will once again test the best of your skills in escape, hopefully it's the way out. Use everything you can find in there to accomplish this or else it will get even more difficult.

Memory Escape is a brand new point and click mini room escape game created by Ainars for Escape Fan. Examine all locations, find and memorize puzzle hints to solve puzzles.

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