Megatherium Escape

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Megatheriums are ancient animals belonged to some species of sloths and those creatures are bigger than polar bears! But people need not to worry, for even though experts think those monstrous towering hairy beast are docile, they are extinct and only bones can be found in the present day. But Gary is on the run in the forest however, for a megtherium just got captured by some poachers and each day they are getting away!

Indeed those animals are suppose to be extinct, but Gary and his team managed to resurrect the creature however and even though the specimen isn’t complete yet, it is an important one and must be retrieved at all costs and alive. That’s why Gary is in a hurry for not only the poachers are on the move as well, the forest is hard to navigate and it’s really slowing him down. After hours of tracking, Gary finally caught-up to them and right-now he is hiding amongst the vegetation waiting to do his thing. He doesn’t know at all how he will be rescuing this towering creature, but he must try or those years of work will be for nothing. Escape players, imagine you are Gary here on an important mission to rescue an animal resurrected from extinction, will your skills and logic be enough on this without any casualty?

Megatherium Escape is a brand new point and click ancient animal rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Megatherium Escape


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