Mega Villa Escape Game

Mega Villa Escape

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Joey went on an island vacation and he wants more than just to relax there, he wanted to go on an adventure in its wilderness just to recognize the flora and fauna there, it is a mission that he can just miss so he went. Joey was happy that he was allowed by the locals to check their territory, but he must be very mindful of his surroundings though or he will easily get lost in the place, well little did he know that will be his eventual fate in there but with a twist however.

Joey got lost in the wilderness and at first he panicked, but he kept moving until he found a wide path and it looks like it is wide enough for a car to pass, so he followed that until he reached a house and he was amazed for it wasn't like the little houses of the locals there. Joey found a big and luxurious house and at first he thought was he being enchanted? Maybe, but that's unlikely for he was already in the premises yelling for help, it seems nobody is home. Joey is going to need some help here so he is going to stay where he was and maybe the owner will come-up to him. Escape players, Care to join in the escape adventure here with Joey? Go ahead then and be very careful too for the house could belong to someone dangerous.

Mega Villa Escape is the newest point and click house escape game from Selfdefiant.

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