Mega Room Escape Game

Mega Room Escape

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Mega Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Selfdefiant for more fun escapes with us daily. Have Fun!

The room here has a mechanical door and aside from that, it isn't very little that is why Olga is always very careful for if ever that door closes, it's going to be very hard to escape from the place and it closing was also very likely because those thick doors occasionally glitches. Well that day as she was cleaning the room however, Olga's fears got realized for the mechanical thick door slowly closed and when she noticed that, it was already too late!

Olga is currently alone in the room for her master is currently away, the only few people that are left in the house at the moment are her fellow maids. Olga is now in great concern for she was told that the room is sound-proof, well that doesn't help the situation, but she still needs to find a way out now and of course definitely by not destroying anything. Escape players, care to join Olga here as she escapes from the fortified room? Go ahead then, use your logic and good luck!

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