Mega Building Escape

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Something very fantastically magical happened one day, for as Eloisa was sleeping in her room and she knows it that she did, she woke-up in a very different place and it’s even far away from her house! She found herself laying-down on the floor at the currently closed mega building for it is still early in the morning! How did she even get there? Eloisa was pretty confused now knowing sleepwalking is not her thing and that is already worst for her, but not as worst as this. Maybe she slept-drove! That’s a pretty dangerous thing to experience and she knows she didn’t do that, which brings her back to the question of how did she ever get where she was now?

Escape players, the building here is not very little, which means Eloisa if she ever wants to know what happened then she must first journey through the building so she can find the way out, maybe then her questions might be answered. Will you just place yourself on her situation and see what you can do in-order to escape the building?

Find clues and important objects then which can help you escape, maybe a CCTV room would be able to help. Mega Building Escape is another new point and click complex escape game made by Selfdefiant.

Walkthrough video for Mega Building Escape


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