Medieval Town Escape Episode 1 Game

Medieval Town Escape Episode 1

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It's the 21st century and yet, there's still a town in this world that was on Medieval Period. This seems a cool place to stay but if you think that this is just an attraction, you are wrong. This place is really stuck on the Medieval Period including its culture. You know that the culture back then is harsh and not that civilized. In other words, this is a dangerous place to stay in. You might end up in one of those dungeons if you will not leave this place. However, escaping from this town is not easy. There are puzzles along the way that you have to solve before you can get away from here. The good news is, there are puzzles that you can collect. Not only that, there are also items that you can pick up and those items can help you out.

You just have to use your logic to solve each puzzle. The knights might come out from the castle and they are not your friends. You have to escape from this medieval town as soon as possible. Medieval Town Escape Episode 1 is a brand new outdoor escape game made by Hidden Key Games for Mouse City. Good luck!


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