Medieval Temple Escape

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A lot of people have said this temple here which is located in a far and remote place, belongs to the medieval times. Well clearly for Jason the place was built way before that. Maybe uninhabited by the time the medieval ages came around but as recently as that this place was built? There was no way he would believe it. And that day that’s why he is there for he thinks he can find proof that will be able to convince the others. But as he got there though he instead came across something else and unfortunately it was a problem.

Jason just got lost in the ancient place as he moved deeper into it and he could no longer get to familiar areas! Guess his attempts to really prove the others wrong really backfired on him, but his observations was not illogical though, for the place looks ancient indeed and it’s very likely that it was built before this millennia. Escape players, Jason found nothing but headaches there, will you just help him so he can get out of there safely at least?

Medieval Temple Escape is a brand new point and click ancient place escape game released by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Medieval Temple Escape

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