Medieval Tavern Escape Game

Medieval Tavern Escape

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The tavern located in the middle of the town is a mysterious place, for shady people enters it and sometimes they never come back out at all. It's very strange, but the investigative knights of the kingdom is already on to the place, and the results of their secret prying is about a hidden passage underneath the tavern which leads to a secret base and people who enters there could have used that for secret meetings. As for those secret meetings, nobody is certain what is going on down there, but as a knight tasked by the king, Brent must get to the bottom of this for his findings could be very important.

And so Brent enters the tavern after he saw some people entered it as well after closing hours and they never really came back out. Brent found nobody inside and that confirms one thing, but the other which is a secret passage there somewhere is still not a confirm. As Brent tries to find it though, he noticed that something was wrong, he knew that then when he tried to open the door. Brent is trapped inside for the thing wouldn't open! Brent tried his best but as he sees this, the tables might have turned on him and that's not good. Escape players, Brent here is now in an unfavorable position and his life as well as the kingdom's well being could be in real danger here. Will you help him escape now and quickly? This is good information Brent already has and it is better than no information at all.

Medieval Tavern Escape is another new point and click escape game made by 365 Escape.

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