Medieval Hamlet Escape Game

Medieval Hamlet Escape

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The medieval period is way too long ago. But good thing that the government managed to preserve some remnants of it. They preserved a medieval hamlet and many tourists go to your city because of this. However, this is your first time to go to this hamlet even though you live near it. Everything in the hamlet fascinates you and you wonder why you haven't gone here before. This is the best place in your city. You want to show this hamlet to your friends but you have to do something first. You have to find a way to open the door in this hamlet. Since, you are the only one inside the room right now, no one can help you but yourself. On the good note, there are medieval objects that you can use.

But the most challenging thing about this hamlet is the puzzles that you have to solve. Medieval period is well known for this kind of trick so expect puzzles on every corner of the room. You have to gather clues and use your logic to complete the puzzles. Medieval Hamlet Escape is another exciting point n' click room escape game from Games 2 Rule. Good luck and have fun!

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