Medieval Fortress Escape

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Only a few stone houses are left in the area here, well at least the well preserved ones for most are already on the ground and what remains of them are their supports. That day, Boyde decided to check one of the houses there and at first he thought of just going into places there that are already ruined, even then that is still not allowed. Eventually he decided to enter one of the few decent ones there which are definitely off limits to the public, well knowing Boyde, he is kind of the escape artist.

Boyde enters the house through every chance he was able to receive, that worked and now he is inside one! He never thought it would be this easy, well at least at first, and getting out of there will be a different story too. After a few minutes maybe half an hour, Boyde decided to finally get out of there for there was nothing too interesting in the place, but then as he tried to get out things got interesting. Now the doors are completely locked and he could not budge it open! Now Boyde has the skills to escape from there for not only he was agile, but as said he was an escape artist and he is really good at it. Well what about you escape players? Imagine you are in the shoes of Boyde here, how will you be able to escape this well preserved medieval house?

Medieval Fortress Escape is a brand new point and click old indoor escape game released by 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Medieval Fortress Escape

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