Medieval Castle Room Escape Game

Medieval Castle Room Escape

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In all the modernity of the museum in the middle of the city, there are thousands of years of history and one room even has a lot of items coming from the medieval times. The room had a lot of armor once used by knights, shields, swords, and even old crates which existed at that time. Wilton was in-charge of that medieval room among a lot which he had to manage, that day he has his hands full for it is time for that weekly check for anything that concerns from inventory to safety.

One by one Wilton checks everything in the room and everything there seems okay and it is now time to move to the next room, well that's if he can get himself out of the room however, for when he checked the doors, he realized that he couldn't open it and what's worst about that realization is that his keys are missing! He must have left it hanging on the other-side of the doorknob, that is very careless of him. Well he has a lot of work that needs to be done here so he must get help or find another way to escape from the place while of course, not destroying any artifacts in the process. Escape players, will you help Wilton here escape safely so he can get on with his work?

Medieval Castle Room Escape is the newest point and click room escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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