Medieval Battle House Escape

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Try this escape adventure here everyone from an old and luxurious mansion. Medieval Battle House Escape is the newest point and click escape game from Games 2 Rule. Have fun!

The battle house was once a very small bastion according to historical records, it was also one of the first turrets to see action when enemy approaches the kingdom, but thanks to its location, it never really did and was even the best place to hide when the enemy attacks. That’s why it got converted into a luxurious house for the king when hiding is necessary. For centuries, the huge house still stands and again, it got converted into a museum for not only that the designs there are still the same, all of the original items in the place are also still present in the premises.

Leo was already convinced enough to visit the place, and because he was fond of such places, that day he really did. Leo was now roaming around the halls and through luxurious rooms of the house, but as he was having a great time seeing things which was seen in the times before, he came across a problem and because he was alone, he needs to face this one by himself. Escape players, care to see what might be Leo’s problem here in the huge luxurious house? Good luck then and stay alert.