Medieval Ancient Castle Game

Medieval Ancient Castle

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Try the underground structure escape here everyone and may your luck be good! Medieval Ancient Castle is the newest point and click ancient escape game from Genie Fun Games. Have fun with us daily.

The medieval ancient castle is an underground structure and it was once considered as a contingency place if something bad were to happen to the kingdom. It had a vast network of tunnels going to different catacombs and each have their own purposes. Luckily, it was never used for raging wars was not able to topple the kingdom and from then on, it just got abandoned for centuries and was closed to the public. In the modern times, a person would check the place for the government is protecting the area now, they just don't have the means yet to really develop the underground structure. That person who checks the place was Gabe and that day, he was called to make the check again, but well he didn't know that the day was going to be a little interesting.

Gabe checked the halls and catacombs that are accessible to him and as he does so, he thought the place here should just be cleaned-up and be made as a tourist spot as soon as possible so he didn't have to be on the rounds there alone, the fact that the place is rumored to be haunted is adding to his pressure too. But it's only going to get even worst that day however, for he made a wrong turn in the narrow pathways and now, he is lost! Escape players, Gabe never had such a problem on his hands there and it could get even worst if he doesn't calm-down and find a way out quick. Care to join in with Gabe and see if you can? Go ahead then everyone, stay alert on the escape.

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