Medieval Adventure 3D Game

Medieval Adventure 3D

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Your parents discovered that you were sleep walking since you were around 5 years old. They would tuck you in bed at night. But they would always see you sleeping at odd places inside the house. When asked why you were there, you couldn't really give them a definite answer. Your parents worried about you. So they waited until you fell asleep to see what was happening at night. That was when they knew that you were sleep walking. It freaked them out at first. Yet began to understand it and found some ways to prevent you from hurting yourself. They wanted you to get rid of it entirely. However, it seemed like the cure for it wasn't completely perfected. Because of this, you always had to stay with someone who knew about your condition. You felt this was narrowing your freedom.

There was a medieval place you wanted to visit so badly. Then again, your parents worried about you. You promised them that you would be with someone who'd make sure you were safe. But you were going there alone. As a safety precaution, you locked your door and even placed some barriers. But the next day, you still found yourself in someone else's property.  Play Medieval Adventure 3D room escape game by Mouse City.


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