Mechanic House Escape Game

Mechanic House Escape

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There is only one mechanic in this small town where Marvin lives and everyone relies to this mechanic when machinery breaks-down in the place especially vehicles. Everyone looks up to this mechanic including Marvin who was an aspiring mechanic as well, he thought maybe one day he can become an apprentice when the mechanic gets old and needs constant help. One day however it's like the universe answered Marvin's wishes, for he woke-up and found himself in the mechanic's house!

What was he doing there? He pondered to himself with great confusion, he knows he is in the mechanic's house for he had been to the place before but why was he in there really? Did he teleport or something? Or what about as simple as sleepwalked? He really thought it might have something to do with his wish to become a mechanic, this something that had happened could be magical! Well whatever this is now he must escape from it for at the moment the mechanic seems to be not home and Marvin could get mistaken as a trespasser or a thief! This is pretty crazy for Marvin now, so escape players want to help him escape and of course without damaging anything in the place?

Mechanic House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Selfdefiant.

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