Mayan Stone Temple Escape Game

Mayan Stone Temple Escape

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The remains of the Mayan temple which was an old place probably older than any temple there in the country, actually has a secret and the first who discovered it was Carl who was an adventurer! He is even still in the place and he knows really that nobody had been there for it looked as it is maybe in its prime days and without any modern stuff in it. Well actually, he thinks he is the first for he knows the temple pretty well and at the moment, he is lost in there too for the new place he found was confusing!

Carl is definitely going to get some points for discovering the place, that's if it is really new which he isn't sure as well, but first he needs to figure-out some things in there so he can escape from it for now. Escape players, come and play as Carl here and navigate through the old place as quickly as you can. Be ready for anything for if Carl is right that the place is new, then there might still be hidden traps there ready to impale him or whatever and probably even curses!

Mayan Stone Temple Escape is a brand new point and click old place escape game from 365 Escape.

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