Matryoshka Doll House Escape Game

Matryoshka Doll House Escape

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You were invited by your colleague, Dmitri Yakuv, he is of Russian descent. He's planning a party at his house. Since you didn't have anything planned for the weekend, you agreed to attend his party. You arrived at his house at 9 o' clock in the evening, the time that you agreed upon. You were admitted to his living room and was told to wait a while because he has an errand. So you started to examine the room you were in, this house was cozy and was decorated lavishly. You've been waiting for 2 hours but your colleague did not return, you tried the door but failed to open it. Without luck, you moved in to the next room, the room was dark so you switched the lights on. A room filled with life-sized Matroshka dolls greeted you, across the room was another door but it was also locked. What are you going to do?


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