Mathematician Home Escape Game

Mathematician Home Escape

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Come and try this house escape adventure here everyone. Mathematician Home Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Amgel Escape. Have fun!

Being a mathematician can sometimes bring-in so much on his or her plate but not all still. One of those mathematicians who has a lot on their hands to think about was Bianca. Bianca is a mathematician and also does her part for the engineers on the nearby building which was being constructed. One day, she was very busy and her daughter was just tinkering on something somewhere in the house when suddenly, she heard her kid screaming and it sounded pretty dire!

After that scream, Bianca saw someone then running out of the room and out of the house closing the door behind! Bianca asked her daughter then what happened and she just said she saw someone in one of her cabinets and after that person saw her, he or she took-off! Well just when they thought the problem was over, well there's another one and it's different, but it could be in relation to that person who ran. Escape players, care to join in the house escape game here with Bianca the mathematician and see if you can all face the problem together with her kid? Go ahead then everyone, good luck as well!

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