Mathematician Escape

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School was out for now but Neville was still solving a pretty hard math question and it’s taking time now but he still couldn’t finish it. So that day he finally decided to ask his mathematics teacher who happens to be living near him how it can be done. Neville was pretty much on the brink of giving-up now for he has a whole lot to answer and he still couldn’t figure-out what’s wrong, hopefully that math professor of his can solve this and he is somewhat confident that he can. Neville arrives at the prof’s house and he was ready to submit the problem, but then as he enters however he found-out that his math teacher also has a problem!

The teacher couldn’t get himself out from one of the rooms in his place for it just became locked and now he couldn’t get himself out! The teacher is most confused than Neville was, and that’s why he decided to help him first by solving whatever problem is keeping the door locked. Escape players, Neville doesn’t have much lock-picking skills or how to unlock a door using things other than a key, will you help him out so that eventually his math problem can also be solved?

Mathematician Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Mathematician Escape

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