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Mastermind 02

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Rudy is planning a huge prank for his friends and he was definitely the mastermind for that. His prank was going to be deployed at the abandoned town, he will take his friends there and give them a real fright of their lives! But as Rudy was surveying around the area however planning everything, a problem occurred and it was worst for he was alone in there! Rudy also doesn't have a phone at the moment for it is in his car, that makes the said problem worst for he is currently lost in the place. Rudy is going to have to do find his way out of there all on his own and with the help of what he can remember.

Escape players, come and join Rudy here everyone! For he is planning a prank and now it looks like it is backfiring even though it hasn't even began yet. Find your way out of the place which wasn't a home to anyone and quickly too before nighttime comes.

Be ready with your skills and logic here on this adventure here everyone! Mastermind 02 is another new point and click location escape game made by 5n Games. This game is a continuation of the first one as the start of the series.

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