Master Zombie Escape Game

Master Zombie Escape

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Join this escape from the lord of zombies. Master Zombie Escape is a brand new point and click scary escape game released by Games 2 Jolly. Have Fun!

You have finally found the place where the master of all zombies lives, but when one enters behind the doors of that place, there is a big chance that they'll never be able to escape unless they kill the monstrous zombie which is not an easy task of course. The zombies have taken so much from you and you're not going to let a silly escape house stop you from what you came for, but you are still cautious though for when there is no chance then it's okay to back-up, when an opportunity shows itself however, then that zombie is going down.

Escape players, the master zombie is hidden at the center of the place which has a lot of puzzles just to sway other people from the master, it could be that the challenge itself can save your life but the mission must go. Will you be able to get to the master zombie and destroy him as well as escape safely in the end? It's too much of a mission but you have the option to bail if you want to, good luck everyone and don't forget to enjoy this adventure.

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