Master Your Mind 2 - 01 Game

Master Your Mind 2 - 01

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In the previous challenge, we joined Neville who got trapped in the washroom as he was cleaning it, he was able to escape thanks to you escape players! But on this 2nd season of this escape challenge, we will now join another person who was with a challenge for a fresh start! In the land where Barret lives, it's very lush and serene, the air is fresh and the ambiance is calm, one cannot ran-out of things to do there as well as provisions, the forest always has something to give. But as he lives there alone, only he knows the thing with the forest, for when it gives everything, it also gives something else which Barret doesn't really like.

Every month at a random day, the land always gives him a challenge to get his mind running. Those challenges would involve mind games through the illusions of the forest, and escape challenges from places and sometimes even from his house! But this day however, Barret realizes that it was that time once again, for his challenge was to find missing items especially the key to his front door! Who knows where could that key be now but he must do this as a payment for the forest also as it gives him life and serenity. Escape players, Barret doesn't want to do this but he just thinks that this will sharpen his mind a bit and that's always a good thing, will you try the challenge as well and see if you can solve this?

Master Your Mind 2 - 01 is another new point and click outdoors escape game made by 5n Games. This game is a part of the previous series which is also a problem-solving challenge.

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