Massive House Escape

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Massive House Escape is a brand new point and click house escape game released by Games 2 Rule for more dose of fun escapes with us! Have Fun everyone.

The fully-furnished luxurious house here is not only that, for it is also pretty big and because Jillian who was new to the place thinks that so, she thought she can easily get lost in there if she is not careful. That day, Jillian visited the house to get some inspiration for the design of her new house, she is going to try and get as much data as possible for she only has a limited amount of time there, that’s because the owner of the place will be leaving later and there will nobody be left for her there. Jillian was in a hurry to get as much inspiration as possible but in her haste, she got into a problem with that.

Because the house was actually massive and Jillian just realized how wide it really was, she got accidentally lost in the rooms and halls in the place! She also tried calling but because she is too-far deep into the house, nobody would respond for she can’t be heard. Jillian does not think so that it’s easy to escape from this place, but she knows if she continues to try, she might end-up back in the main room of the place. Escape players, you are very welcome to try this massive house escape game with Jillian, use your skills and logic for a successful escape. Good luck!