Masked Forest Escape Game

Masked Forest Escape

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This is a very wonderful forest but there's something fishy about it. Looks like it's hiding something. While you were walking through this forest on a spring, an old leaf fell down on your face. It's not even fall yet but that is what you saw firsthand. As you walk father, more old leaves fell down. From there, you found out that this is not really a wonderful forest. In fact, this is just a masked forest and it hides what it really is. The truth is, this forest makes everything old including the people who go here. But this forest is not called masked for no reason. It is called masked because you can only survive and escape from the curse if you have a mask. That mask is also the key for you to escape from the forest.

However, you have to solve tons of puzzles before you can have that special mask. You have to warn the people about this but first, you have to find your way out of there. Masked Forest Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from Games 4 Escape which will test your logic. Can you make it? Good luck and have fun!

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