Masai Ostrich Escape Game

Masai Ostrich Escape

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Masai ostriches or East African ostriches are distinct ostriches which are another subspecies of the ostrich family, they are slowly declining in numbers though for people tend to hunt them down for their meat and other things that can benefit people to sell. That's why one day, when Cowley found one in his area as he went around, he decided to immediately purchase it so he can free the animal for it's inside a cage! If he can't free it in the wilderness then maybe he'll breed it so it can help increase their population. But there was a promo though which the seller is giving-out to the buyers, the seller is willing to sell him the young ostrich half the price if he can solve the lock of the cage's door and if he can open it in a specific time, he gets the animal half the price! Cowley doesn't like this at all for it somehow encourages the seller and he will capture more of the animals to make business, but this is the only way he can rescue the animal though so he'll do it.

Escape players, want to help Cowley here in somehow rescuing the specific Masai ostrich? Go ahead then and be quick on the rescue then and carefully too as to not hurt the animal.

Masai Ostrich Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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