Marly Mouse Escape – Icebox

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A mouse is always curious. This is a good thing because they get to learn something but sometimes, it is a bad thing as well. Your pet mouse, Marly is in trouble because of curiosity. He really loves to go inside boxes. He usually gets something good from those boxes but not this time. This box is not suitable for Marly as this is an icebox. It is so cold in there so you have to help him to escape from there. The thing is, it is not easy to open that icebox. The only thing that can open it is the key. Unfortunately, you don’t have that key but the good news is, there are clues that can help you to find that key.

Marly might suffer from hypothermia if you can’t get him out of there on time. With that, you have to move as fast as you can and use your logic to solve this puzzle quickly. You really don’t have much time left. You have to gather items that you can use to complete this puzzle faster and easier. Marly Mouse Escape – Icebox is a brand new point and click  room escape game by Selfdefiant for Mouse City.