Maria Rescue From Lift

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The lift is broken again, but this time this is a problem for Maria is trapped inside it! Maria is your sister and she was coming-up to the condo to give you something. But just when she was about to get out of that lift tough she couldn’t, and you know it’s the same problem here that keeps happening for a month. It’s concerning now for the difference is you need to act fast for your sister here is in danger. You also fear she might develop claustrophobia inside that small room or something, for she can be hysterical at times when situations happens.

Escape players, you really need to get your sister Maria out from that lift for her life is at risk there. Will you be able to find things that can pry it open then? Maybe call for help like a maintenance crew or something? Anything just to help Maria here. If you choose to do this yourself then be very careful, for lifts can be sensitive at times, and you have to be delicate here for Maria’s safety is at risk.

Maria Rescue From Lift is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Maria Rescue From Lift

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