Mansion Forest Escape Game

Mansion Forest Escape

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The mansion near the forest is not just a big house standing on the wilderness, it is a big house with a huge area surrounding it, and that's just its garden. People have to go on hiking trails and even on bikes just to reach the place in the middle of all that vegetation, and one day a visitor just felt the full dose of that. Spencer was trying to reach that house and he was told that it is not going to be easy getting there and he really thought it was just a simple info, but actually the trail was very far and as worst as the situation can get, he got lost in there!

Spencer truly regret that he didn't bring his bike, for this had really turned into an adventure and it took much of his strength, now it is trying to take something from him for he is now lost. Escape players, Spencer needs help here to escape or just reach the mansion so he can get some help there, will he be able to lend a hand to Spencer so he won't get lost even more?

Mansion Forest Escape is another new point and click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

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